1. Financisto
Available free of charge from Android Market, this handy app allows you to keep up with multiple accounts, schedule transactions and keep track of your budget in any currency.

2. Shoeboxed
A handy app that is useful for organising receipts for you – if you have a job that requires it. It can keep track of both personal and business expenses. Unlike most apps on this list however, there is a monthly fee for the use of Shoeboxed.

3. Mileage
A handy app if you spend a lot of your working week on the road and need to keep track of your miles. This useful app can also help you keep track of fuel economy.

4. Money saving / bargain grabbing apps
There seem to be an ever increasing number of similar ‘grab a bargain’ apps appearing on the market, but I swear by the two market leaders – Groupon and, more recently, Living Social. Both feature time-limited offers, so it’s worth checking them regularly, or if computer access is easier, set up some daily alerts to make sure you’re not missing out some great local bargains.

5. OurGroceries
A free little app that automatically keeps your family’s grocery list in sync with the latest changes—on every family member’s phone or web browser. Every change you make to your shared shopping list is visible within seconds, so you can actually see items being checked off as your partner shops.

6. Budgetroid
Bugdetroid is designed to let you avoid tedious account monitoring and have receipts filling your wallet. The app will allow you to type in real time all your expenses and incomes. It’s designed so that you’ll always know what you have left in your monthly budget.

7. EasyMoney
EasyMoney is a tried and tested personal expense tracking app that combines a bills reminder and a budget planner with an expense tracker. It provides a detailed window into your personal finances. A simple and intuitive data entry system is combined with a wealth of easily accessible financial information.

8. EEBA (Easy Envelope Budget Aid)
EEBA is a personal and household finance app designed to help with money management and budget tracking. One advantage of this app is that it automacically syncs across phones and web so that you can choose to share any particular budget with friends and family. Also, your data is automatically backed up to EEBA’s site so you need never lose any data due to a faulty app update or user error.

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